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Our First Internship For 2015

Our first internship for 2015 is in full swing. The new interns have settled in well, everyone enjoys living among wildlife and their conservation journey is becoming more personal as their bond with nature grows. To follow their progress and see how they apply their newly acquired photography, filmmaking and social media skills follow the … Continue reading

Attachment Effects of Poaching

I am fascinated by the human psyche. I studied psychology for six years, two of which were from a family systems context during my postgraduate studies. As I delve into the natural world and experience the beauty of wildlife, I have enjoyed learning about the psychological and emotional aspects of animals, both independently and within … Continue reading

The Observer

As we drive into the bush, I can feel my lungs tighten I am breathless and speechless as we search for a lion They are majestic and beautiful, though I’ve never seen them fightin’ I’ve learned to use my camera, raising the ISO to brighten   I use my words to enlighten, inspiring people how … Continue reading

The seduction of nature

  A must read by Jamie Joseph about beauty, bloodlust and ivory. The sins of the father must end in this generation. Jamie works alongside various wildlife organisations in Africa, ‘writing stories from the trenches’, and sharing these stories from the ground up. Her objective is to educate, inspire and raise awareness of the plight of … Continue reading