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“Wild” Dogs

In 2005, on my first trip with my family to South Africa, I saw a pack of wild dogs and they immediately became my favourite African animal (elephants being a very close second). As our landrover was slowing down to find potential thirsty animals at a watering hole, an impala shot out of the tall … Continue reading

The Rhino Revolution

What is the real challenge in facing the rhino-poaching crisis today? Would it be the poachers? Or their security on a reserve? What about government action? These are all important but short-term complications that feed into the biggest issue of all: the demand.   What makes the demand of rhino horn so important? For those … Continue reading

Run For Your Life

I’m a runner. I try to run everyday for at least 15 minutes. Outside. No treadmills allowed. And I have been a runner for about a year and a half. Well, a relatively regular runner for a year and a half now. When I started, it was just to try and get fit. Get healthy. … Continue reading

Earth does not need us

Earth does not need us

  The world is like a living being. Like the cells, tissues, and organs of a certain organism working together to keep that organism alive so do the various components of the Earth. From microorganisms to elephants and their ecosystems right through to super-organisms, they all contribute as either cells, tissues or organs that are … Continue reading

Lion Whispers of Canned Hunting

Yesterday, one of my documentary filmmaking fantasies came true. I got to interview a very special and respected man about lions and the plight they face in Africa because of practices like canned hunting. I interviewed Kevin Richardson, aka “The Lion Whisperer,” the man, the myth, the lion-handling legend. Kevin has time and time again … Continue reading