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Earth does not need us

Earth does not need us

  The world is like a living being. Like the cells, tissues, and organs of a certain organism working together to keep that organism alive so do the various components of the Earth. From microorganisms to elephants and their ecosystems right through to super-organisms, they all contribute as either cells, tissues or organs that are … Continue reading

Lion Whispers of Canned Hunting

Yesterday, one of my documentary filmmaking fantasies came true. I got to interview a very special and respected man about lions and the plight they face in Africa because of practices like canned hunting. I interviewed Kevin Richardson, aka “The Lion Whisperer,” the man, the myth, the lion-handling legend. Kevin has time and time again … Continue reading

A Poem: My Purpose To You

The poem I have written is dedicated to a rhino who I met. In their short lifetime, this rhino has witnessed and overcome horrific things I could not imagine living. By some miracle this rhino escaped death after conflicts with poachers. This rhino inspired me and gave me insight on how powerful, sincere, and special … Continue reading

My Jurassic Park sense is tingling.

FADE IN: SCENE 1 EXT. DAY— THE SOUTH AFRICAN BUSH SARAH: Guys, this fence?! Totally Jurassic Park. It’s electrified. It’s chain-linked. It’s enclosing wild animals. It’s Jurassic Park. No question. An Obligatory Retraction: I’m fully aware that this electrified, chain-linked fence is not the electrified, chain-linked fence from Jurassic Park. It is not the same … Continue reading